About My Jim

To help her granddaughter accept the risks of loving, Sadie Watson recounts the story of her unquenchable love for her first husband, Jim. Sadie’s Jim was an ambitious young slave and a gifted seer who, when faced with the prospect of being sold, escaped down the Mississippi River with an impoverished white boy named Huck. Suddenly left alone, reviled as a witch, and punished for Jim’s escape, Sadie uses her powers as a healer to keep her young children alive. She clings to her love for Jim as a way to survive her brutal and terrifying existence.

​​Praise for My Jim

“Here, finally, is the Jim we can only glimpse between hijinks and humiliations in Huck Finn—a man who’s clever and tender, romantic and tragic. And there’s just no escaping his wife’s voice. I read some chapters without blinking.”

​—Christian Science Monitor                                                                       
“My Jim is a compelling, eloquently written novel that can stand on  its own merits beside the great work that inspired it.”      

—San Francisco Chronicle

“In a spare, naturalistic style that’s reminiscent of oral history, Rawles covers territory Twain did not… As heart-wrenching a personal history as any recorded in American literature.”

—New York Times Book Review


My Jim

The Mississippi River, as it appears in Sadie's Quilt.

​​​​​Nancy Rawles

Centerpiece of Sadie's  Quilt by Tina Hoggatt and Nancy Gibson