Some of the artists involved in bringing My Jim to life in the theater, as well as in art and in music, are:

Bubba Jones, Carletta Wilson, Cathy Sims, Edree Allen-Agbro, Ellen Finn, Hilliard Green, Jim Smith, Julie Mainstone, Laura Wall, Mark Broyard, Maureen O'Neill, Monica Spooner-Jordan, Nancy Gibson, Robert Cooper, Stephen Michael Newby, 

Tina Hoggatt, Valerie Curtis-Newton, and Venise Jones-Poole

I am also grateful to Mende Nazer for bringing Sadie home.

​​​​​Nancy Rawles

Program of events for Seattle Public Library, Seattle Reads My Jim.

Monica Spooner-Jordan,

model for Sadie sculpture

Sadie's Quilt by Nancy Gibson, Tina Hoggatt, Annie and Cynthia Milliam,  Bernetta Branch

Embrace by Tina Hoggatt

Sadie by Maureen O'Neill